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The first of many…


You’re here because you’re either a spam bot, someone who just came from our channel or my mother. In any case, welcome! This is the temporary home for One Block Short while we work away at a shiny new website.
I would first like to thank everyone who has watched, subbed or liked any of our videos and I ask that you continue to do so. This not only boosts my ego to new heights but let’s myself and the others who help out continue to create great content for you guys!

The reason this blogs existence is it takes a long time to produce each short, we are all new to video production after all so instead of spamming YouTube comments with “where’s the new video” and “MOAR”, we will be update the blog about our progress every week. Along with the updates, exclusive behind the scenes screen shots and pieces of text you won’t find on our YouTube channel so it pays to subscribe to this blog with your favorite RSS reader and visit often.

And if you have then you have access to this limited edition link below that will get you first access to the map used in The Door along with the texture pack and exclusive signs that tell you about the production. It’s like a DVD commentary without the audio or annoying copyright jargon at the beginning.

download the door files

I could continue but no doubt you have already downloaded the map and setting fire to it as we speak.

– Jeremy Ashdown


15 thoughts on “The first of many…

  1. Hey guys, your animations are great. Keep them coming!!!

  2. Keep the good work coming!

  3. Hey that amazing The Door video can I please download the skins you gys used if so where?

  4. Cool, i downloaded “TheDoorMap” and i explored and it was awesome 😀

  5. Holy crap, I just spent about six hours exploring the office and I STILL can’t find my way from the entrance to the elevator in less than two minutes, and I only found the entrance where the car was crushed once. This map is fantastic and the playability is endless, and although it’s not massive, it’s still a thrilling experience to be able to visit everything that we saw in the film. If you’re working on another movie (and judging from that village screenshot on the homepage, I’m sure you are) you’ll have to put the map up for download so I can get lost in that, too. Thank you for such a hilarious movie and inspiring map, and keep up the good work

  6. Please reupload the map!

  7. Link to the download is broken. Can you fix it please ?

  8. how do you install it?

  9. Hey, i watched both Bedrock Breaker and The Door, i love them, but there more like skits, not animation. but i do see some animation in there, and if my opinion’s worth it, then good job! Keep it up!

  10. We need help! I downloaded this for my son, and we figured out the texture packs (which I just learned how to install today!). But I have no idea how to get the map. I don’t know much about programming, but my son really wants this map, so if you could point us in the right direction that would be great!

  11. Hey, please give me a Download link for Skins with movie.
    At least skin of Officer.

  12. What texture pack were u using while u guys were recording?

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