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Progress, we are making it.


It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve updated this weekly blog and that usually means two things. Either I’m so busy I don’t have the time to update the blog or I’m so lazy I can’t be bothered updating the blog. In any case I’m updating it now so stop complaining.

A lot can happen in the space of a few weeks. Unfortunately it’s never enough. Rather then releasing the first short in our new series “Yet to be named” we are making them all at the same time! Who’s crazy idea what this? Anyway don’t expect the first to be released until early next year when we start rolling them out every week!

This will make sence in a few months

So far, we have written and finished most of the scripts for the first season and we have started building sets for the first few episodes. On top of that we are talking to people about specific roles, music and voice acting. If you want to help out then this isn’t the time to message us! We will let people know either here or more likely via our Facebook page and twitter thing.

Keep being awesome and talk to you all soon.


4 thoughts on “Progress, we are making it.

  1. EARLY NEXT YEAR?!?! its mid april now and that was posted clear back in december, are you still around? did you all die?

  2. They actually died i think (In making videos) They are letting their fans down by lying to us, its a year ago they posted their last message. I’m dissapointed.

  3. they are probably dead 😦 look at the date now they haven’t even made videos
    Rest In Peace OneBlockShort, Rest In Peace Who Ever Your name was

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