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Things to come and why I hate Skyrim…

In the cesspool of mediocre game titles, bobs the smelly indefinable blobs that everyone looks at. Not only do these blobs capture everyone’s attention, they mesmerise them until they fall face first into the chunky depths. The disgusting point I’m trying to make is Skyrim is one such chunky blob.

In the past week, Skyrim and my self control have been locked in battle over my time and attention and so far, casualties have been great on both sides. I’ve played around 30 hours since its release, which is troubling since I have yet to finish the main quest, but at the same time we have made work towards the next Minecraft project.

Have you been playing Skyrim? What do you think of it?

Update Attack

So rather then working on seven minute epics that take months to complete, we are focusing our time on smaller comedic sketches that aren’t as long but released more frequently. We are still working out the details so it will be some time before we start releasing them but we have started some early tests on a few complicated shots so we will keep you updated on our progress.


On a final note, thanks to your support on the latest video, The Door. We were thrilled to see the positive response and repeated shouts for MOAR and we were just as happy to see the Bedrock Breaker get a second breath of wind.

Till next week

-Jeremy Ashdown